Flooring is a vital component of decorating a room in your home, or business; it sets the final tone for the feel of your space. Peter Bates Cape is a Cape Town based business specialising in all types of flooring, including access floors, wood and LVT, carpet, turf and vinyl. Since its establishment in Cape Town in 1999, Peter Bates Cape has rooted itself and maintained a stellar reputation in the flooring industry. The company was formed as the result of an amalgamation of Creative Flooring (est 1990) and National Carpets (est 1990) . 

It always has been, and will continue to be at the forefront of the flooring industry in the Cape. 

The illustrious reputation and undeniable success of Peter Bates Cape can be attributed to the warm rapport the company nurtures with each of its clients. Each client is appreciated and attended to in a singular, individualistic manner over a period. Their success is also down to their innate, unmatched ability to match required flooring options and products with the specific applications. 

Peter Bates Cape prides itself on being a company committed to going above and beyond ordinary service, to provide a superior level of service. This is done while remaining within the parameters of cost effectiveness. 

Our products are affordable and reasonably priced without compromising on our rigorous standards of quality. We achieve cost effectiveness as a result of the excellent relationship we enjoy with all local manufactures in our area. Peter Bates Cape has been awarded many prestigious contracts in all areas of South Africa; this only serves to bear testament to our excellent track record. Flooring is an aspect of residential and commercial décor that should be weighed with absolute confidence; we at Peter Bates Cape would only be too proud to assist you finish off your space in the best way possible 

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