Our carpeting prices will certainly make you comfortable!

Carpets, from early in time, have been associated with luxury and luxuriousness. That soft, unmistakable feeling of sinking your tired feet into folds of thick, soft carpeting is still unbeatable. Carpeting also makes a room feel cosier, more intimate and far warmer in the colder months. 

It is a flooring option that still finds itself quite popular in the bedroom and living areas, even in today’s minimalist world. 

We are renowned carpet installers, specialising in all types of installation. Wall to wall carpet is classy and gives a room an excellent finish. We also stock a wide range of carpet tiles, which could allow you to mix and match patterns if you so prefer. 

Our carpeting options are suitable for any space; available in both tile and broadloom options. Our selection of contrasting styles, colours and patterns is also rather impressive. Come and browse through our range of Shaw carpets, office carpets, hotel carpets and residential carpets. Our suppliers include recognised names like Nouwens, Belgotex, Crossley, Van Dyck and Shaw Floors.  Come chat to us at Peter Bates Cape for your complete carpeting solution. We endeavour to give you a competitive price and install your flooring to the best of our ability.